Manifest Your Desire ASMR Meditation, Manifest, Believe, and Repeat

Manifest Your Desire ASMR Meditation, Manifest, Believe, and Repeat

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Welcome to Manifest your desires, this is an ASMR meditation that will help bring your desires to reality. First of all, believe in yourself and know you have the power to pursue and create a better life and bring abundance to your life. Focus on your desires and take action to bring you closer to your desires and let go of the “I can’t”. Yes, you can create a better life for yourself. Focus on the positive and push out any negativity out of your thoughts and life. You can amplify your power by shear thoughts by being positive. Visualize and see it in your mind and hold on to that vision and immerse yourself in the feeling of having your desire met. See yourself with great success. Let go of all negative thoughts and put into action how powerful you are to create the life you wish to have. It all starts with just one thought and then follows by action. Manifest, believe and repeat.

This is an ASMR hypnosis meditation and is very quiet using soft whispers to help you manifest your desire. Create with white noise, gentle sounds, and positive thoughts to guide into a deep restful sleep. Best when used with headphones. This meditation is just over 13 minutes long and will help you manifest your dreams.

Walk-in Peace, Love, and joy.

Mel Created by Mel Pepaj

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