Past Lives Regression Meditation

Past Lives Regression Meditation

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What is Past Lives Regression? 

It’s a journey into other lifetimes that your souls lived before this lifetime. It brings you back to previous incarnations by accessing your memories and amazing experiences that are hidden in your subconscious and bring them forward in your conscious mind.

How can experiencing a past life help you?

1. It helps you understand why you are drawn to a certain time and place.

2. May connect you to your soulmate experiences.

3. Explore your emotion from an unresolved event in your past lives and so much more

Acknowledgment is a way to embrace the lessons learned from your past relationships and journey. It can heal old physical ailments and past hurt. It can clear karma on many levels.

After the meditation will you remember that past lifetime?

So do and some don’t but this meditation will help you remember though gentle sounds and taking you safely in deep relaxed meditation.

How to?

Just sit in a relaxed position or lay down and close your eyes and let the music and my voice take to meet yourself in a past lifetime.

You will be protected by white light and no harm can come to you. You will follow your life till the end of that lifetime, in a safe relaxed meditation. So close your eyes and relax and allow this quiet time to take you on this amazing journey.

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