Peaceful Angel Meditation

Peaceful Angel Meditation

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Peaceful Angel Meditation is a meditation to quiet your mind and find peace. In the first few seconds, you will hear my voice then when your ready you will close your eyes and enjoy calming music as my voice fade. You can wake up when you’re ready as you listen to peaceful chimes and quiet bells.

I’m an Intuitive, Healer, Shaman, I channel spirit guides. My American Indian name is Feather of Truth given to me by my Great, Great Grandfather. I’m a teacher, educator, & healer of the soul. I believe we are all one and we are all connected.

I composed this meditation with the thought that you are free to travel and think out of the box as you listen to meditative music. I made this meditation for all of you with peace, love, and joy.

Thank you, Melody Pepaj AKA Feather of Truth.

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