Sacred Realm


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Sage the area and sage each person as they enter.


Announcements from group leader.

The Circle Prayer

The Circle Prayer is read by members as they pray is passed around

The Talking Stick

The Talking Stick is passed around and who is holding the Talking Stick is the one that holds the floor and can talk.


Group leader leads the gathering meditation.


Each member shares their vision from the meditation.

Sharing of Water

Each Member starting clockwise from Rev Mel Shares in drinking water from the COPAD vessel.

Closing Prayer

Each gathering a different member closes the gathering with a prayer of their choice.

Sharing of Food and conversation






1. We have gathered here today to renew our bodies, our minds, our spirits.

2. We have gathered here today to leave behind the negatives in our lives.

3. We have gathered here today to set down our burdens of fear, confusion, hatred, and disorder.

4. We have gathered here today to open our hearts, our minds, our spirits to each other.

5 May we speak from our hearts.

6. May we speak with honesty.

7. May we speak of our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

8. May we speak of being human.

9. Together we will share compassion.

10. Together we will share love.

11. Together we will share this circle

12. Together we will share this circle.