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The Watchers

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Here are the First and Second recording of Raynold’s messages.

Click the far right-hand corner for the playlist of  Raynold message two.

My Story

Mel’s personal story of the first meeting with her first Spirit guild RAYNOLD.

Raynold my spirit guild channels through me and talks about the 3rd, 4th 5th and 10th dimensions. Plus, many other things about life here on earth and where he comes from. I was introduced to Raynold over twenty-five years ago and it was the start of 3 1/2 years of being in a meditative state. I lived more in the clouds than here on this earth plane while meditating and talking to Raynold.

How did all happen one would ask? While working in a hair salon in Brentwood California a woman walked in and went up to me and said: “all these paintings are yours”. I replied, “How did you know”. This stranger said back to me, “I have walked around this building five-time and knew I was not here for a haircut. Your paintings have your energy all over them”. She asked me to join her in the waiting room. The salon was busy with phones ringing and people talking and moving around.

She told me she sees things and I was kind of spooked but intrigued and wanted to know more. Slowly the room starting to disappear and It felt like a bubble was surrounding us. I was only aware of her voice and face as she explained to me that my spirit guide was next to me. She told me it was time for me to meet this guide. I could feel this guides energy and felt safe.

Then my mentor introduced me to Raynold and my life change forever. She started to channel my spirit guide and I could hear him. She did lots of healing by moving energy through me and around me. She told me that she could see visions and could leave her body and move into a different dimension with the use of meditations. She said that I have the ability to do what she does. She told me that I could talk to Raynold anytime I wish and that he has been with me throughout many lifetimes. This was all new to me and I agreed to meet with her for lunch and it was the beginning of my awakening and my spiritual journey.

The journey lasted about 4 years then I woke up and it was all gone. I could not get in touch with Raynold or any of the other guides that came to me and I could not even meditate. All that was left was my journal of what happened throughout that time frame. This was a huge loss to me as I drifted through life. No matter how hard I tried I could not contact Raynold. I was devastated and gained weight, dated the wrong men,  sexually I was trying new things and spent most of the time in depression.

January 2015 things started happening again as I felt a pain in my left foot. I use to predict earthquakes with the pain I felt. It was as if Mother Earth was telling me to be aware and to be safe. All of a sudden one night I started feeling Raynold energy again.  I was afraid that I might once again go off in the clouds like before.

Raynold was back and told me to record him. While recording him the second time he told me why he stopped contacting me.  He said that I was not ready some 20 years ago but now I was and my life was about to change. Raynold told me that he never left me but watched me in silence as I moved through pain and bad choices I made in my life. He tells me they were life lessons to bring to where I am today.

From my past journals and the stories that I experience with Raynold, I felt that no one would believe me of the things I saw. It was too hard to explain to my family and friends. because they would think I was nuts. I even asked a therapist if I was nuts and she assured me I was not.

Raynold now stands beside me 24 hours a day and is helping me on this journey of what I’m meant to do. Raynold is not the only spirit guide that has now with me as there are 5 of them. My great, great grandfather an American Indian chief and three others named Karonon, Asmara, and Sipriss.

I’m aware of what I’m meant to do now and open to being the host to the messages of Raynold. and my other guilds. I don’t remember what is spoken through me as I am only the vessel that allows Raynold to speak through me. I get a little impatient at times with my spirit guides because things don’t move fast enough. Yes, they yell at me all the time when I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. Tells me to stay in the moment and breathe and let life happen.  I do my best to be as much as I can but as they remind me, I’m not perfect.