Past Lives, Tarot Cards, Spirit Guilds, One on One sessions, Psychic and Energy Work with Rev Mel

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Meditations with Rev Mel

Join Rev Mel in meditations live in-person, video and phone call and recorded audio meditations. Past Life  Spirit Guilds  Charaka Healing and so much more.

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Awakening is about letting go and staying in the moment. Believe, Manifest, Repeat. Classes on Wakening, Enlightenment and One with all by Rev Mel

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Rev Mel and The Sacred Realm

Rev Mel is an intuitive psychic empath that channels spirit guides and angels. At times she speaks in an ancient tongue in her readings and uses crystals with hands-on healing. She reads tarot cards, sees past life images. She is a teacher, an educator and a healer of the soul. Rev Mel comes from a place of peace, love, joy and the light. She is a light-worker and believes in kindness and compassion for all. From her near-death experience as a child, she sees things that others don't see. She is an awaken soul as she has seen the light up close and personal.

Rev Mel, believes there is an energy that powers the universe and all that is. She believes everything and everyone is connected to a spiritual path. We are all part of the intuitive part of our mind and soul. Rev Mel thinks that we can change our way of thinking and tap into the spiritual awakening. She believes that we are all one with all that is and we are connected. Through channeling and speaking in tongues we can simplify our life and find our own truth in our awakening and enlightenment as we journey to our spiritual path. We together as one is changing the world one Soul at a time through Peace, Love, joy, and the light.

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