Sacred Realm

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Awakening Love


Learn about Past Lives, Tarot Cards, Spirit Guilds, Psychic and Energy Work with the teaching from Mel AKA Feather of Truth an intuitive, compassionate, empath, spiritual practitioner.

Meditations with Mel Pepaj

Mel AKA Feather of Truth is an Intuitive, Healer, Lightworker, Empath, Spiritual Practitioner Shaman, who channels spirit guides and angels. She is also a teacher, an educator, an artist, and a healer of the soul. She channels spirit guilds in tarot card reading, meditations, and past lives. Her American Indian name is Feather of Truth given to her by her Great, Great, Grandfather. 

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Awakening is about letting go and staying in the moment. Believe, Manifest, Repeat.  Welcome to your first step into becoming awakened, on the way to Enlightenment. We here at the are from the light and we are one with the creator of all that is....... Mel AKA Feather of Truth