Conversation with Mel Episode 1

Conversation with Mel Episode 1

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First Episode is about getting to know me and my wacky fun personality. I was testing a new broadcast program and this is the audio file. It broadcasted live on Facebook and on Youtube.

I will be interviewing interesting who has awakened or wishes to ask questions.  We will talk about past lives, spirit guides, channeling and so much more. I travel in my RV and meet interesting people on my way and will be sharing all of my adventures and conversations with you all. 

.I’m is an Intuitive, Healer, Shaman that channels spirit guides and angels. My American Indian name is Feather of Truth given to me by my Great, Great, Grandfather.

I’m a teacher, an educator, and a healer of the soul. I channel spirit guides in tarot cards and sees past life images and other people’s spirit guides. At times I speak in an ancient tongue in my teaching and uses crystals with hands-on healing. I feel each person’s energy, auroras, and channels spirit guides that hold such amazing wisdom.

From my near-death experience as a child, I see things that others don’t see. I spent 3 ½ years in a meditative state and was introduced to my first spirit guide Raynold many years ago by my mentor in Venice Beach, California. This amazing journey spans 60 years from St Clair Shores Michigan across the country to Beverly Hills California…

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