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Tag: Life

Dreamland Flying ASMR Hypnosis Meditation

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During these hard times many are not sleeping so I made this to help you sleep. This ASMR meditation video is 25 minutes long and the voice will fade out …

Conversation with Mel Episode 6 with Guest Tammy Battista

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Come Join Us Live On Facebook and Youtube at 6 PM EST This Evening. Our guest to be interview will be Tammy Battista from the Violet Flame Healing Center in …

Emerald Green Healing Body Scan Meditation

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Emerald Green is the strongest healing color in the Universe that we can use to heal ourselves and others. This is a short video that teaches you how to use …

Joy, What is Joy?

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  This was a live broadcast on Facebook about Joy.

The Rabbit Hole

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The Rabbit Hole Every day our lives push us through what I call the rabbit hole as life lessons teach us about ourselves. Each day is different and it’s when …