The Soul

The Soul

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I do believe that the soul goes out to the universe. Adding to this it does go to a big computer where it sees all their past lives and future lives and decided where to go next. The soul is a mathematical equation. Let me explain how it works.

You have a tree, the tree takes up space, you cut the tree into small little pieces and scatter it across the earth. It still takes up that space in the universe. Nothing more and nothing less.

Our body is the vehicle that carries our soul, our mind is otherwise known as consciousness. When we die our soul leaves our body with all our memories, experiences and most of all our DNA. I believe that we are all part of the universe. We all play an important part together as one consciousness. We are part of the God-consciousness. Whatever you call this consciousness, God-consciousness, the creator, or consciousness by other names. It doesn’t matter what we call it what’s matters is that we have free will and we choose to live our life on this journey we call life. The soul never dies, the soul experiences many different lifetimes are many different planets and many different dimensions.

We make a difference when we come from a place of peace, love, and joy.

This was taken years ago and there are two images one of me and one of my soul

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