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Conversation with Mel Episode 4 How are You Doing?

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Today’s show is about you and how you all are doing. Join us in this conversation and let’s all support each other in this hard time. What can we do …

Conversation with Mel Episode 3

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Conversation With Mel Episode 3 Come and join us for an open conversation with Mel. Join the chatroom and ask questions. Interesting conversations and topics. This show we talk about …

Conversation with Mel Episode 1

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Come and have an open conversation with Mel and ask any questions that you wish. The first episode that aired on Facebook and Youtube live. Let’s have some fun this …

Playing My Steel Tongue Drum

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I broadcasted this live on Facebook and played my steel tongue drum as talked about bringing love and joy into the world. Talked about calling in the white light of …

From St Clair Shores to Awakening

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    Everyone has a story and everyone has choices in their lives. Awakening can be confusing and overwhelming and yet beautiful. Each experience is unique, very personal, and mind-blowing. …

From St Clair Shores To Awakening

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Ascending & Awakening Series at Violet Flame Healing Center WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 2020 AT 7 PM – 10 PM From The City of St Clair Shores to Awakening. An Evening …