From St Clair Shores to Awakening

From St Clair Shores to Awakening

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Everyone has a story and everyone has choices in their lives. Awakening can be confusing and overwhelming and yet beautiful. Each experience is unique, very personal, and mind-blowing. It can change your life overnight and question your sanity. Who would believe what you saw or heard? What would your family and friends say? How would you explain this to anyone? That’s when fear sets in and you doubt what you saw or heard. You feel alone and know that you might be ridiculed by love ones and others. But, But, it happened and you can’t deny it, now what do you do with it? How to find the truth within and find peace with these abilities when you awaken? This is only the beginning!

Melody Pepaj is an Intuitive, Healer, Shaman that channels spirit guides and angels. Her American Indian name is Feather of Truth given to her by her Great, Great, Grandfather.

She is a teacher, an educator, and a healer of the soul. She channels her spirit guides in tarot cards and sees past life images and other people’s spirit guides. At times she speaks in an ancient tongue in her teaching and uses crystals with hands-on healing. She feels each person’s energy, auroras, and channels spirit guides that hold such amazing wisdom.
From her near-death experience as a child, she sees things that others don’t see. She spent 3 ½ years in a meditative state and was introduced to her first spirit guide Raynold many years ago by her mentor in Venice Beach, California. Her journey spans 60 years from St Clair Shores Michigan across the country to Beverly Hills California.

Broadcast live from the Violet Flame Healing Center

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